Posted by: Landscape Ecology Working Group | November 5, 2015

IUFRO-IALE Latin America 2016


IUFRO LE Latin-American and 2° IALE
Latin-American Congress

“Bringing our society to the nature preserve, manage and restore multi-functional landscapes”

28th November to 2nd December 2016, Temuco, Chile

First announcement

The event’s main objective is to contribute to the exchange of experiences and knowledge in technical and scientific, methodological and practical aspects relating to the conservation, management and restoration of natural landscapes throughout Latin America.

The call for symposia and workshops is now open!! until 31th December 2015.

It is further intended that this event is a field for institutions, professionals and students interested in landscape ecology can be linked and interact with current research topics, modern methodologies and policy implementation. Thematic Areas:

  1. Land use, biodiversity loss and fragmentation
  2. Ecosystem management: Integrating ecological and economic models
  3. Mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services
  4. Adapting to climate change in managed and natural landscapes
  5. Synergies and trade-off of plantations
  6. Impact of invasive species on landscape and human well-being
  7. Recovering biodiversity and ecosystem services through landscape restoration
  8. Social-ecological approach for ecosystem services management

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