Posted by: Landscape Ecology Working Group | October 18, 2015

IUFRO all Division 7 Conference

iufroIUFRO ALL DIVISION 7 Conference
Global Change and Forest Health

April 25-29, 2016 – Istanbul, Turkey

This Division includes research on: physiological and genetic interactions between trees and harmful biotic impacts, including resistance mechanisms; biological and applied aspects of tree diseases; environment/ pathogen interactions in forest decline; the biology and control of forest tree insects; and impacts of air pollution on forest trees and forest ecosystems, including diagnosis, monitoring, biology, genetics and treatment of polluted forests and other wooded lands.

We observe several changes around us. Hydrologic cycle is changing, CO2 concentration is rising, people are immigrating. What about our forests? To what extent can they mitigate these effects? Will they be able to adapt? We care because their future is our future…

Take note of this global event to share state of the art science and enjoy Istanbul.