Posted by: Landscape Ecology Working Group | October 8, 2014

Next IUFRO 2019: Brazil

Paving the Way for the First Ever IUFRO World Congress in Latin America:

The 25th World Congress of the IUFRO: Curitiba-Brazil, October 2019

Rio_iguaçu_curitiba Iguaçu River, running by the south region of Curitiba city.

During the XXIV IUFRO World Congress, the IUFRO International Council decided that the 2019 IUFRO World Congress would for the first time in IUFRO’s 121-year-long history be held in Latin America. Out of a total of 8 bidders, Curitiba, Brazil, had been chosen from a short list of 3 by the IUFRO Board at its 52nd meeting on 10-11 June in Costa Rica after a comprehensive and highly competitive bidding process. The IUFRO International Council now confirmed in an unanimous vote the Board’s recommendation to hold the next IUFRO World Congress in Brazil, as it reflects IUFRO’s determination to focus its forest science networking activities more strongly on Latin America.

“Awarding the Congress to Brazil is certainly also a strategic opportunity to promote IUFRO in Brazil and Latin America, where membership is proportionally lower than in other regions of the world. In addition, a much higher number of scientists from Latin American forest research institutions and universities will be able to participate in this Congress”, explained IUFRO President Niels Elers Koch.

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