Posted by: Landscape Ecology Working Group | January 15, 2014

Forum on Payments for Environmental Services


The International Forum on Payments for Environmental Services of Tropical Forests aims to highlight the importance of developing and implementing PES mechanisms in tropical countries and to share best practices and lessons learned. The Forum is expected to recommend actions at local, national and international levels for the development and effective implementation of PES mechanisms in support of SFM in the tropics. It will bring together policymakers, researchers and academicians, practitioners, civil society, the private sector, and regional and international organizations engaged in the development, implementation and support of of PES mechanisms.

The Forum will be jointly organized by International Tropical Timber Organization; FAO; and the National Forest Financing Fund of Costa Rica; and will be hosted by the Ministry of Environment of Costa Rica. Other interested international, regional and national organizations, as well as donor governments, will be invited to participate as co-sponsors or partners.

For registration, please follow the link